Effective, affordable, easy. For all kinds of businesses.

123CrisisTraining is a training program using online training and simple exercises to strengthen participants skills in practical crisis management. In this way, it strengthens the safety culture.

Management and employees.  The program emphasizes the importance of management commitment. This is a fundamental prerequisite for a successful implementation of the training programThe business has complete control over who conducts the course, and when. The reports generated by the program document what the business is doing to be prepared.

Ensures learning. 123CrisisTraining works equally well whether your business consists of several thousand or only a few employees. In large companies, it is challenging to strengthen skills in crisis management throughout the organization. Traditional exercise-based programs are often costly and difficult to implement as often as it should be done.  It has also been shown that it is difficult to ensure optimal learning after exercises. 123CrisisTraning runs over an extended time period and provides the necessary "trickle" which ensures that learning and behavior are positioned correctly - throughout the organization.

Smaller businesses rarely have the resources to build up good readiness skills through traditional methods. 123CrisisTraning is an effective way to ensure that the organization is well equipped to meet an emergency.


What is 123CrisisTraining?

Technology-assisted learning and training

123CrisisTraining is developed with support from Innovation Norway. The solution makes use of modern technology based educational platforms. We call it digital learning. This makes it possible to reach many people in a simple way. It is a flexible solution, participants complete the training when it best suits the individual.

Introduction year

The first activity the business undergoes in 123CrisisTraining is that all managers and staff complete a brief exercise that helps to facilitate the participants' focus on the course content. The exercise is carried out in groups. A short introduction to the program's objectives, methodology and content is also provided.

Subsequenlty all employees complete an individual online course that provides a basic training in crisis management. This takes about 1 hour, and aims to familiarize participants with skills that can contribute to reducing harm if there is a crisis. This course is divided into three parts concerning actions before, during and after a crisis. Examples of topics that are discussed are principles of contingency planning and organization, mental preparation, practical crisis management, crisis communications and safeguarding the crisis. The course also contains useful resources in the form of downloadable pdf files covering the most important topics in more detail.

After the basic training, participants conduct 10 single group exercises and individual assignments. These will be implemented during the first year the business is a member of 123CrisisTraining. The exercises are not time-consuming, and they are put together in a way that ensures knowledge is maintained, developed and implemented in actual behavior. This is what we call strengthening the safety culture.


Maintenance, development and new learning

Businesses that purchase 123CrisisTraining are purchasing an initial membership for its employees for one year. During this year, participants have access to 123CrisisTraining all the time. If the business is satisfied with the development, we offer a very reasonable membership to continue the work in subsequent years. In addition, customers get discounted prices on new, more specialized training courses under development.  Norwegian Crisis Training has several breakthrough innovations under development.



Courses and exercises are carried out via a digital distribution channel offered by 123CrisisTraining. Alternatively 123CrisisTraning can be implemented in the company's own learning platform (also called LMS - Learning Management System). The business can monitor the participants' activities and will therefore be able to track the participants' progression through the program.

Contact us at post@krisetrening.no for more information or offer.



Why 123CrisisTraining?


  • Reduces the need for demanding and costly exercises. It ensures regular measurements of the effect through participants' own feedback.
  • Supported by modern technology.
  • Preserving track of who has completed training and training. This is particularly important since the government today requires skills and training in crisis management.


About Norwegian Crisis Training

The founders Tor Bjarne Olsson and Rune Stuvland both have over 30 years of experience in security and emergency preparedness. They have assisted a number of organizations under real crises both in Norway and internationally, and also have extensive experience from research on such events.

With solid interdisciplinary background in social sciences and crisis psychology they are currently among Norway's leading experts on crisis management. They have been at war, literally, and know what works.

One factor has motivated the founders more than anything else: the desire to develop solutions that are easy to understand and implement.

Understanding of crisis management has largely moved towards increasingly complex solutions. Unfortunately, the result has often been high costs and training which is accessible only to specialists.

Norwegian Crisis Training wants to change this.

The company offers solutions for crisis training that are effective while remaining price ratio extremely competitive.

The company's vision is as simple as its founders original idea:  

 Ensuring good skills in crisis management. For all.


The way forward

123CrisisTraning is a training program developed by Norwegian Crisis Training with support from Innovation Norway. Going forward, we will develop new and more specific training programs. We will also look at new and exciting technological solutions which further increases the possibility of effective learning and training of skills in crisis management.


Contact: post@krisetrening.no